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Devoted to Dance, 2012 (filming, in production)
 Director: Dorottya Mathe

Canglaska Wakan, 2010
 Director: Aitken Pearson

Please Remove Your Shoes, 2010 (in post production)
 Director: Rob Gaudio

My Angel, My Hero, 2010 (in post production)
 Director: Faizan Shiek

The Darkness We Know, 2009
 Director: Jean-Pierre Magro

Whales, 2009
 Director: Thomas Barnes

The Road Ahead: The First Green Long March 2008 (China/USA)
 Director: Ryan Wong

 Director: Zhen Li

Jonas, 2007
 Director: Eli Daughdrill                                        

Aquanauten 2006 (Germany) TV
 Director: Stephan Lacant         

Amores, 2005, Mini-series  
 Director: Roberto Busó García

Vacationland, 2005
 Director: Lance Edmands
Always a Bridesmaid, 2004, Discovery Channel/TLC  TV
Control Room 2004 Lion's Gate Films, Sundance Film Festival,  TV 
 New Directors/New Films Festival at Lincoln Center   
 Director: Jehane Noujaim                       

Backslash, 2004
Director: Kevin D. Campbell  

The Break-Up Artist, 2004
Director: Vincent Rubino

Arya, 2003
Director: Manan Katohora

Hamlet, 2003
Director: Adam Hall

Dark Providence, 2003

State of Denial, 2003, Sundance Film Festival, PBS, POV
Director: Elaine Epstein

The Eye is a Thief/35J, 2002
Director: Marc Masciandaro

The Last Witch, 2002

Co-Incidence, 2002
Director: Cristian Young Miller

Il Terzo Leone, (aka The Third Lion), 2002 Italy, Best Picture- Fargo Film Festival 2002;
 Silver Award Houston- FilmFest 2002, Best Dramatic  Feature- Thunderbird Film Festival 2002
 Director: Manlio Roseano

Nutcracker, 2001
 Director: Glen Grefe

The Diplomat, 2001
Director: J.L. Davis

Moment in Time, 2001
Director: Robert Coppola

Rope Art, 2000
 Director: Thomas Griffith

Ten Hundred Kings, 2000, w/ Malachy McCourt
Director: D. W. Maze

Amour Infinity, 2000, Award Winner, Toronto Film Festival & Urban World  Festival
 Director: Jerry LaMothe   

Twentieth Century, 2000

Testament, 2000

Netherland, 2000
Director: John Reidy

Drainiac!, 2000
Director: Brett Piper

Love, Death & Other Annoyances, 1999
 Director: Tariq Azziz

Fireflies, 1999
Director: Stephan Lacant

Paging Emma 1999   TV
 Director: Roberto Busó García  

Still Missing, 1998 w/ Peter Coyote                
Director: Teresa Tollini

Unwritten Rules, 1998

All My Lenins, 1997, Russia (Best Original Score)              
Director: Hardi Volmer

Ruptura, 1997 (Puerto Rico)
Director: Roberto Busó García

Heroés, 1996

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Displaced, 2003

The Last Days of Lenny Bruce, 2002   

Joan of Arc, 2000      


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