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Beginning his music education in New York at the age of nine, he studied drums, percussion, and music theory continuing through high school where he was introduced to and studied the music of Copland, Ives, Holst, Bernstein, and Vaughn Williams, along with an influential training in music theory and composition, both classical and jazz with Anthony Marra. He earned numerous NYSSMA awards for percussion solos and ensemble performances. During this period, he played with several pop/jazz bands, orchestra, concert band, and marching band. He transcribed and wrote his first arrangements for those pop groups. At seventeen, he studied drums with the legendary Tony Williams (Miles Davis, Lifetime). Tony encouraged him to begin composing along with his drum studies and the importance of finding his own voice through meditation, introspection, and listening to everything. Tony was a very special cat!
 In 1974, he moved to Boston and there met Chick Corea, John Payne (Bonnie Raitt Band), and
friend/pianist John Jacobson. The musical atmosphere in Boston at the time was vibrant as it is today, so it was easy to create new musical relationships and gain valuable performance experience. While playing with several jazz groups, he also taught drums privately.
 Thomas moved to New York City in 1976 where he formed 'Avenue', a jazz quartet with pianist Lee Curreri (Fame), Barry Olsen, and bassist Cameron Brown. He also played in the Charlie McGeeSextet for a short time. From late 1976 through the 1980's, he performed with a variety of New York based artists, including the charismatic soulstress Phyllis Hyman, jazz singer Chris Calloway, even his favorite rock legend Bo Diddley. Tom worked in the New York studios performing on dozens of TV and Radio recordings and records often alongside session greats, Will Lee, Ronnie Cuber, George Young, Cornel Dupree, Carlos Alomar, Anthony Jackson, Randy Brecker.

But it was 1985 at the urging of songwriter Billy Joel that he began to seriously explore writing music. Fast forward to the late 1990's, after writing music for over 400 television commercials, he was hired to score his first short film by a producer with whom he worked in advertising.
 Electric Lady
 In 1997, he was asked to compose the score for the Russian film 'All My Lenins' by the director Hardi Volmer, becoming the first American  to compose for the Russian cinema. Thomas travelled to Russia in 1997 to complete the score and assist with the final mix of the film. In St. Petersburg and throughout Europe, 'All My Lenins' was well received and became a critical

 In 2001, the Italian director, Manlio Roseano called upon Thomas to compose the score for his enigmatic, historical mystery, 'The Third Lion'-'Il Terzo Leone.' The film was shot in northern Italy, won several international awards.Venice

In 2004, he composed for the critically acclaimed
documentary, 'Control Room.' This score is one of numerous socially themed works of which Thomas is proud and demonstrates his artful use of thematic composition in the documentary format.

 Also in 2004, he was honored with an invitation to appear as a guest speaker at Carnegie Hall. Featured in their 'Carnegie Notables: Art as Advocacy' series with actress Anna Deavere Smith (Nurse Jackie), composer Moby, Janine Tesori, and author Benjamin Barber. Thomas spoke of his experiences as a composer working on socially significant films and the effects of art upon society.
 Affiliations include: the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences and BMI, as composer and publisher.

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